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The difference between Diploma and MA entry

Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for direct MA entry may be offered Diploma entry onto the programme they applied for at the department's discretion.

Students registered for a Diploma and those registered for an MA do exactly the same work in the autumn and spring terms. If a Diploma student achieves an average mark of at least 50% across all their assessed work in these first two terms, they will normally be invited to proceed to Part II of the programme, ie. to complete a dissertation in the summer term. If they successfully complete the dissertation, they are then awarded the MA. Equally, if an MA student is not performing at a level consistent with the MA grade of 50% they will not be allowed to proceed to Part II of the programme.

Each year we are delighted to see a large proportion of students initially registered on the Diploma proceed to complete an MA within the same academic year.

Please note that Diploma offers cannot be made for the Double Degree programmes.