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MA/Dip in International Security Module Submission Form


PO966-40 Concepts and Theories of International Security
You need to pick 80 CATS of optional modules in total made up of:

- either two 40 CATS modules
- or four 20 CATS modules (two from each term)
- or one 40 CATS module and two 20 CATS modules (one from Term 1 and one from Term 2)

YOU ALSO NEED TO GIVE RESERVE CHOICES (in case of timetable clashes or full modules).

When choosing 20 CATS modules please ensure you pick an equal number of Term 1 and Term 2 20 CATS modules.

Pick your option choices from the drop down list by each choice.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th I don’t want this module  
PO901-40 Theories and Issues in International Development  
PO902-40 East Asian Development Models and the Political Economy of the Asia/Pacific Region  
PO908-40 Politics of International Trade  
PO910-40 European Integration  
PO919-40 Politics of Global Finance  
PO920-40 International Relations of the Asia-Pacific  
PO926-40 Theories and Issues in International Relations  
PO942-40 Theories and Issues in International Political Economy  
PO962-40 Europe and the World  
PO967-40 New Security Challenges  
PO975-40 New Rising World Powers  
PO977-40 Theories and Traditions in Public Policy  
PO983-40 United States Foreign Policy and National Security  

Thank you for completing this form. Once you have sent it you will receive an email confirming your submission. We try to give you your first choice of options. You will receive confirmation of the modules you have been allocated with your timetable on Registration Sunday.

Melissa, Heather, Catherine and Kay
PaIS PG Team
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