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Gender and Global Politics (PO996)


Topics covered

The following is an indicative list of topics; the precise seminar content and order may change slightly from year to year.

  • Introduction to Gender and Feminist Accounts of IR and IPE
  • States, Nations and Nationalism
  • Gender and Political Transitions
  • Transnational Women’s Activism and Women’s Rights
  • War and Violence
  • Peace Support Operations and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
  • Gender and the Global Political Economy
  • The Political Economy of the Sex Industry
  • Gender and Global Governance

This ten-week module critically examines the significance of gender in shaping political dynamics at the local, national and global levels, and the impact of international politics and economics upon gender relations.

Programme content

Developing the contributions made by various feminist scholars, the course takes as its point of departure the spaces and intersectionalities across which gender relations take place. The second half of the module addresses the gendered dimensions of key contemporary global issues including political change, war, peace and security, globalisation, the sex industry, and global governance. These issues will be framed and explored critically using a range of feminist theories (standpoint, institutional, liberal, postcolonial, post-structuralist, materialist) and throughout the course, you will be encouraged to reflect upon the relationship between feminist and mainstream approaches to politics and IR, as well as your own different ontological, epistemological and methodological perspectives.


This module would link well with PO901 Theories and Issues in International Development, PO902 East Asian Development Models and the Political Economy of the Asia/Pacific Region, PO908 Politics of International Trade, PO911 Democratisation and Development, PO920 International Relations of the Asia-Pacific and the 20 CATS module, PO997-20 The Global Political Economy of the Household.

Module Director:
Julia Welland

CATS: 20 (term 2)

Sample reading list (PDF Document) (TBA)