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Global Economic Governance (PO9A3)


Topics covered

The following is an indicative list of topics; the precise seminar content and order may change slightly from year to year.

  • Global Economic Governance in an Era of Globalization
  • The Role of States in Global Economic Governance
  • International Organizations as Global Governance Actors
  • Club Forums in Global Economic Governance
  • Civil Society Actors in Global Economic Governance
  • The Sources of Change in Global Economic Governance
  • Global Ideas and Global Agendas
  • Global Economic Governance and Rising Powers
  • Legitimacy in Global Economic Governance
  • The International Monetary Fund and Crisis Management
  • The World Bank and the Good Governance Agenda
  • The UN and the Millennium Development Goals
  • The WTO and Deadlocks in Global Trade Negotiations
  • The OECD and Tax Havens
  • Global Environmental Governance
  • Global Statistics and Economic Surveillance
  • Global Labour Standards
  • Moral Hazard in the World Economy

We live in an age of economic crises, the causes and consequences of which are beyond the scope of individual national governments to resolve on their own. How and why the global political economy is governed, by whom, and for whose benefit, are fundamental issues that impact upon global economic stability, growth, and development. This module examines both the evolving architecture and the contemporary practice of global economic governance, the prospects and challenges for political change in the global economic order, as well as who are the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ from contemporary models of global economic governance, and why.

Programme content


  • Who writes the rules that govern the global economy?
  • How has economic globalization shaped the dynamics of global governance?
  • What are the contemporary challenges for global economic governance, and how might they be resolved?

Through a focus on the key actors, issues, and problems in global economic governance, this module provides students with the knowledge and tools to address these questions.

This module equips students with an understanding of the contemporary actors, forums, and institutions that provide the main pillars of global economic governance. This involves studying the main actors and issues in global economic governance, and examining contemporary problems and solutions in global economic governance. Other modules that complement this course include PO908: Politics of International Trade; PO919: Politics of Global Finance; and PO942: International Political Economy.

Module Director:
Sahil Dutta

CATS: 40

Sample reading list (PDF Document)