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External modules

Typical modules offered to PAIS students from outside of PAIS--20 or 24 CATS
SO914 Researching Society Sociology
SO915 Qualitative Methods in Social Research Sociology
SO916 Quantitative methods in Social Research Sociology
SO917 Critical Health and Social Policy Sociology
SO918 Restructuring Welfare: European Perspectives Sociology
SO923 Gender, Imperialism and International Development Sociology
SO929 Gender Analysis and Development Practice Sociology
SO945 Social Theory and Politics I Sociology
SO947 Sociology of Modernity


SO960 International Perspectives in Sociology of Education Policy and Practice I Sociology
SO997 Critical Issues in national and International Food Policy Sociology
SO9A3 Understanding Science, Media & Public Policy Sociology
SO9A4 Researching Science, Media and Public Policy Sociology
SO967 The Sociology of Body, Pain and Emotions Sociology
SO998 Sex, Gender and Power: Social Processes at Work Sociology
SO996 Feminist Epistemologies in Action Sociology
SO999 Theory for a Global Age: Postcolonial and Cosmopolitan Perspectives Sociology
SO9A5 Animals in Society Sociology
SO9A1 Sociology and Postcolonialism Sociology
SO997 Critical Issues in National and International Food Policy Sociology
LA901 International Intellectual Property Law and Policy Law
LA904 Issues in the Taxation of the International Business Law
LA905 International Banking and Securities Regulations Law
LA908 International Economic Law Law
LA916 International Corporate Finance Law
LA931 International Business Transactions and Law Law
LA932 Legal Aspects of International Trade & The World Trade Organisation Law
LA949 Corporate Law and Economic Activities Law
LA962 Theories and Histories of Human Rights Law
LA963 Global and Regional Human Rights Regimes Law
LA961 International Humanitarian Law Law
LA960 Contemporary Problems in Human Rights (Islamic Law) Law
LA9C1 Theories of Gender Justice Law
LA964 Gender, Law and Global Economy Law
LA967 Women's Rights and Global Justice Law
LA958 Approaches to Global Justice Law
LA956 Global Law and Politics Law
LA959 Law, Technology and Development Law
LA953 Law and the Global Economy Law
LA955 Law, Governance and Democracy Law
LA954 Global Security and International Law Law
LA952 Civil Society and Activism Law
LA985 The Regulations of Mergers and Acquisitions Law
LA987 Corporate Social Responsibility Law
LA9A3 International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Law
LA9A8 International Insolvency and Debt Restructuring Law
LA9B0 International Labour law Law
LA9B9 International Arbitration: Foreign Investment Disputes Law
LA9C2 Global Competition Law Law
LA9F2 Techniques of Islamic Finance and Banking- Comparative Perspectives Law
LA9F3 Refugees, Rights and Realities Law

For information about Law School modules, please see this page.