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The Global Food System (PO984)

Why are hundreds of millions of people going hungry at the same time as similar numbers are considered overweight? Who really benefits from the vast amounts of money made in producing and selling food around the world? Will there be outbreaks of violence as people seek to secure resources needed to feed themselves into the future? And who can really change the ‘business as usual’ approach to the way food and agriculture is governed?

These are some of the key questions we will address on this module and which will point us towards the politics of the global food system. This module explores how these diverse areas are intertwined and exposes the global links between national food and farming economies. Its aim is to provide you with a critical introduction to debates around food and agriculture, and to offer an empirically-rich field in which to explore ideas about poverty, power and politics. It begins by outlining the cross-border connections that constitute a global food system, before discussing three concepts – security, justice and sustainability – and some of the issues they are linked with.