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The taught Masters (MA) in International Relations at the University of Warwick is one of the foremost programmes in Britain and Europe for the study of International Relations (IR). It will enable you to tackle the big issues facing global decision-makers: from war to poverty; from security to the complexities of environmental degradation; from inequality to the study of global elites.

Programme content

In this MA programme you will investigate major questions of contemporary international relations:

  • After the Cold War, after bipolarity, with the United Nations in its sixth decade, where is the world to look for order?
  • Is there any prospect of justice in relations between states?
  • Do states remain the dominant actors in the international system with its current profusion of transnational corporations, international organisations, and regional blocs?
  • How will democratisation, economic liberalism, resurgent nationalisms and religious revivals affect world order?
  • And, most importantly, how should we think about these questions?
  • What are the alternative perspectives to your own?

Those who work at the highest levels in business, government, or the voluntary sector, increasingly need to tackle these issues, and the Masters in International Relations programme offers you the opportunity to do so.

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The student experience

"Alongside a stimulating education and access to a remarkable faculty, I have spent a year studying at the University of California Berkeley, went to the G8 Youth Summit in Milan, and participated in the European and World Debating Championships in Newcastle and Gaborone, Botswana, respectively—all of which have been supported and partly funded by the department."

- Ed Jones, BA Politics 2011

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