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Hong Kong Exchange

Students on the Politics and Politics and International Studies degree programmes can apply to spend half of the second year in the Department of Public and Social Administration at City University in Hong Kong.

Students from PAIS will spend the second semester (ie: terms 2 and 3 of the Warwick academic year) studying at City University. The language of instruction at City University is English. The first term's work undertaken at the University of Warwick will be assessed by a long essay. Work undertaken at PSA in Hong Kong will be assessed through PSA's normal examination procedure which entails a combination of assessed work and unseen examination (an average split of around 50/50). As such, students on this programme must ensure that when choosing their final year examination options, that they do not breach University regulations on taking no more than 50 per cent of their examination by non-examination methods.


PAIS students in at PSA in Hong Kong will take four modules. Each module should account for 3 credits, leading to a total of 12 credits (ie: half the annual credits for a year long student).

Each university will waive the tuition fees for exchange students. Students will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and maintenance expenses, and should arrange necessary insurance.