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  • Study Abroad

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    PAIS offers a number of study abroad opportunities for our students. The benefits of studying abroad are varied and include experiencing life in a different country, development of academic and personal skills, experiencing a different educational system, and development of language skills. These benefits not only enhance key skills but also enrich students’ personal development.

    Warwick also provides opportunities at international summer schools; the Summer School at Renmin University in China is a popular destination for PAIS students. More info on these opportunities can be found on the International Office study abroad pages.

    "The ability to experience a completely different academic environment and to have to adapt to different examination and assessment methods were major aspects of my time abroad. The chance to study at another university and live in another country should not be turned down, as for me it has been very enjoyable and an unforgettable experience."

    Rory Jackson, Politics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 12/13

    Second year exchanges:

    • North America Exchange
    • City University of Hong Kong (half year only)

    Third year exchanges:

    • Erasmus Exchange in Europe
    • Australia Exchange at Monash
    • Japan Exchange at Hokkaido or Waseda
    • Hong Kong Exchange at University of Hong Kong or Chinese University of Hong Kong

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    Study Abroad

    Study Abroad options available in PAIS

  • Australia Exchange

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    The Australia exchange programme is a chance for you to expand your horizons and take advantage of the exciting opportunity to study at Monash University in Melbourne. The programme requires students to extend their degree to a four year course with year three based at Monash, returning to study at Warwick in the fourth year. The year abroad is an intercalated year and as such does not count towards the overall degree classification, but you will get the invaluable experience of studying a unique range of modules at a university abroad.

    The Social Science department is located at the Gippsland campus in the town of Churchill 142km east of Melbourne. Churchill is a relatively small town and is known for its cigar landmark in honour of Winston Churchill known locally as the "big cigar".

    With the town being a small community, the university makes up a large proportion of the population which means the area is full of culture with a thriving arts community, excellent restaurants and a lively entertainment scene. There are many sporting clubs and special interest groups encouraging a wide range of activities and pursuits. Churchill is within reach of beautiful beaches, lakes and national parks, and the Mount Baw Baw ski resort.

    The Monash-Warwick Alliance

    The PAIS exchange programme is part of a wider partnership between Monash and Warwick. Formally approved in December 2011, this alliance offers a new model for research-led institutions to meet the challenges of the 21st century. By accelerating the exchange of staff and students, ideas and information and exploiting the opportunities offered by the reach of our two institutions in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, we are creating an exciting approach to global higher education.

    Read more about the Monash-Warwick Alliance and its benefits

    Australia Exchange

    Opportunities to study in Australia

  • Erasmus Exchange

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    The PAIS Erasmus exchange offers students an excellent opportunity to study in one of our partner universities within Europe. Going on the Erasmus exchange gives students the chance to experience life and study in another country and the opportunity to develop their language skills. The Erasmus exchange adds an additional year to your degree, with you spending the third year at the host university and returning to Warwick for year four.

    Students on Erasmus are required to follow a programme of study with a politics or international studies component. The Erasmus year is an 'intercalated year' that does not contribute directly to degree results, but students will receive a transcript from their host university.

    "The level of teaching at Sciences Po is second to none. I took six modules, three in French and three in English, and the French language class was extremely useful, giving me confidence in speaking with French students. Sciences Po and Paris are both amazing places to be based and the experience of studying and living abroad is priceless!"

    Sarah Mainwaring, Politics with International Studies, Sciences Po Paris 2011/12

    Erasmus Exchange

    Study abroad opportunities in Europe

  • North America Exchange

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    PAIS offers students the exciting opportunity to swap their lives at Warwick for a year in either the United States of America or Canada.

    The students chosen for this highly competitive exchange programme will spend the whole of their second year following a full programme of study while in North America. Students on this exchange will still finish their degree within three years. The North America Exchange is an ‘integrated’ year where assessed work from the year abroad is converted from North American grades to Warwick marks upon return for the third year and counts toward the final degree.

    "Being able to study at one of the finest academic institutions in the world was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was able to choose from many classes that were taught by world renowned professors that directly related to my interests. This year abroad has changed my life. I have gained more independence and the confidence to seek out and pursue opportunities that before may have felt out of reach."

    Grace Young, Politics with International Studies, University of Berkeley 12/13

    North America Exchange

    Opportunities to study in the USA and Canada