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Politics and Sociology degree structure

Year 1

1. Core module (full year): Introduction to Politics
2. Core module (full year): World Politics
3. Core module (term 1): Introduction to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences I
4. Core module (term 2): Researching Society and Culture
5. Optional Core module Term 1: EITHER "History of Sociological Thought" OR "Sociology of Gender"
6. Optional Core module Term 2: EITHER "Class & Power after Neoliberalism" OR "Race and the Making of the Modern World"


Year 2

1. Core module: Political Theory from Hobbes
2. Core module: Designing and Conducting Social Research
3. Optional Core: EITHER "Modern Social Theory" OR "Practice and Interpretation of Quantitative Research"
4. Optional choice from second year PAIS and/or second year Sociology modules (60 CATs)


Year 3

Modules worth 120 CATs, including:

1. Option List A: Any third-year PAIS module/s (at least 30 CATs)
2. Option List B: Any third-year Sociology module/s (at least 30 CATs)