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PH126 Starting Logic 2006-7

Stephen Butterfill 

This page and everything it links to is about the 2006-7 version of the module. Information about the current version of the module is here

This part-module provides a study of formal logic as presented in Barwise & Etchemendy: Language, Proof and Logic (CSLI publications, Stanford).

Exam answers

Early draft, likely to contain plenty of mistakes. Answers (revision 2)

April Test and answers

The April Test and Answers are now available.

Handouts etc

The pages below show the slides and link to the handout in pdf format. Where I know about mistakes on the handouts and slides used in a lecture I have posted a corrected version here.

Information concerning the 2005/6 version of this module

Materials from the module (exercises, notes) can be found here.

Further questions

If you have any questions please contact Steve Butterfill. Information sent by email is available under news.