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New Publication: Hegel on Being by Professor Stephen Houlgate, Published by Bloomsbury Academic (November 2021)

Hegel on Being is a comprehensive study of the first part of Hegel’s Science of Logic — the “doctrine of being” — by Stephen Houlgate and published by Bloomsbury Academic Publishers (in two volumes). Based on many years of research and teaching, this new book examines the purpose and method of Hegel’s Logic and explains in detail Hegel’s derivation of the categories of quality, quantity and measure. It also contains an original account of Hegel’s critique of Kant (including Kant’s antinomies) and an extensive comparative study of Hegel and Frege.


Thu 11 Nov 2021, 14:19 | Tags: Home Page, Publication, Research

New Publication: 'Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis' by Professor Quassim Cassam (Routledge, September 2021)

Professor Quassim Cassam’s ongoing research into philosophical subjects which connect to urgent global issues continues with a new volume on extremism published by Routledge in September 2021.

Professor Cassam’s authoritative narrative provides an incisive and thought-provoking discussion of extremism in its many differing forms, and uses real world examples to address a range of pressing questions, including: what is extremism and what are its different forms? How does extremism differ from fanaticism and fundamentalism?  How does one become an extremist? How should the notions of radicalization, counter-radicalization and deradicalization be understood?

Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis’ offers the reader a clear and highly accessible overview of a controversial subject and its evolving threat to the world today.

Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis - 1st Edition - Quassim Cassam - (

Mon 06 Sep 2021, 14:37 | Tags: Home Page, Publication

The Best Philosophy Books for Beginners

Professor Quassim Cassam features in a newly revised online article, The Best Philosophy Books for Beginners, which has been produced by – a website dedicated to encouraging people worldwide to read more books. The list of recommended Philosophy titles has been updated and now includes more book nominations selected by an extended panel of philosophy experts. Quassim Cassam’s contribution is on Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel. The article can be found here: 

Tue 18 May 2021, 11:06 | Tags: Home Page, Publication

New Publication: 'Practical Necessity, Freedom, and History: From Hobbes to Marx' by David James, Oxford University Press (March 2021)

This new book by Dr David James eloquently explores the connections between different types of necessity: practical, conceptual, normative and historical. Additionally, it contrasts relevant features of the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes (1558-1679) with a philosophical tradition that extends from Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) to Karl Marx (1818-1883). In his text, David James demonstrates the need to understand the question of freedom with recourse to the concept of practical necessity.

Thu 01 Apr 2021, 15:47 | Tags: Publication, Research

New Publication: 'Issues in Political Theory' (Fourth Edition), Co-edited by Patrick Tomlin with Catriona McKinnon and Robert Jubb (Oxford University Press 2019)

With a focus on real-world problems and debates, Issues in Political Theory is a clear and engaging introduction to political theory and how it is applied to address a range of global challenges. Expert contributors ably introduce students to important concepts, key thinkers, and major texts in political theory, while extended case studies at the end of each chapter show how to apply theoretical ideas to real contemporary issues and debates. The text is supported by online resources (which include additional case studies intended to give students confidence in using theory to shed light on key issues) and a range of additional teaching and learning resources.

Wed 20 Mar 2019, 14:58 | Tags: Home Page, Publication

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