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Previous Mind Forum Meetings

University College London, 10th March 2017:


13:30–14:45 Tony Cheng (UCL) Respondent: Alexander Green (Warwick)

14:45–15:00 Refreshments

15:00–16:15 Henry Powell (Warwick) Respondent: Fintan Mallory (KCL)

16:15–16:30 Refreshments

16:30–17:30 Harry Cleevey (KCL) Respondent: Julian Bacharach (UCL)

University College London, 07th June 2016:


13:30–14:45 Margaret Hampson, ‘Aristotle on Phantasia, Desire and Action’ (UCL) Respondent: Jack Shardlow (Warwick)

14:45–15:15 Refreshments

15:15–16:30 Emma Syea, ‘The Importance of Forgetting in a Nietzschean Self’ (KCL) Respondent: Akosua Bonsu (UCL)

16:30–16:45 Refreshments

16:45–18:00 Alfonso Anaya, ‘On Being in the Best Possible Position to Make a Perceptual Judgement’ (Warwick) Respondent: Sergio Farias (KCL)

Kings College London, 10th March 2016:


12:30–13:45 Dimitri Coelho Mollo, ‘A Master Argument against Theories of Representational Content’ (KCL) Respondent: Tony Cheng (UCL)

13:45–14:00 Refreshments

14:00–15:15 Simon Wimmer, ‘Rationalising Explanations and Normative Reasons’ (Warwick) Respondent: Charles Côté-Bouchard (KCL)

15:15–15:45 Refreshments

15:45–17:00 James Laing, ‘Duration Perception and the Stream of Thought’ (UCL) Respondent: Elliot Carter (Warwick/Toronto)

University of Warwick, 12th November 2015:


13:00-14:15 Fleur Jongepier, ‘Self-knowledge in psychotherapy’ (Warwick/Nijmegen) Respondent: Pete Faulconbridge (UCL)

14:15-14:30 Refreshments

14:30-15:45 Vanessa Carr, ‘The Agent’s Causal Role in Action’ (UCL) Respondent: Amanda Alves Moreira (KCL)

15:45-16:00 Refreshments

16:00-17:15 David Jenkins, ‘Finding a middle way with the epistemology of inference’ (KCL) Respondent: Simon Wimmer (Warwick)

Tuesday 16th June 2015 at UCL.

Venue: Gavin de Beer Lecture Theatre, G04 Anatomy Building, UCL, WC1E 6BT


13:00-14:15 Wesley Chai | Warwick | The Neutral Attitude in a State of Agnosticism Owen Englefield | KCL | Response

14:30-15:45 Patrick Butlin | KCL | Why Hunger is Not a Desire Alec Hinshelwood | UCL | Response

16:00-17:15 Alex Geddes | UCL | Thought Experiments, Misjudgments and Sufficiency Alfonso Anaya | Warwick | Response

18:00 Drinks and Dinner

Friday 20th February 2015 at King’s College:

Venue: Strand Campus, London, Room K0.18.


13:00-14:15 Julian Bacharach | UCL | ‘Do We Perceive Magnitudes Directly?’ Maria Giovanna Corrado | KCL | Response

14:30-15:45 Paul Doody | KCL | ‘The Role of Rationality Assumptions in the Literature on Self-Deception – where the debate went wrong’ Irina Schumski | Warwick | Response

16:00-17:15 Ivan Valentinov Ivanov | Warwick | ‘Phenomenal rationality or phenomenal understanding: the epistemic significance of consciousness.’ Tony H. Y. Cheng | UCL | Response

Fridays 5th June 2014 at the University of Warwick, Coventry:

Venue: R1.13 (Ramphal building)


13:00-14:15 Andrea White (KCL) Responding to the causal argument for reductive physicalism Commentator: Alex Geddes (UCL)

14:15-14:30 Refreshments

14:30-15:45 Léa Saljie (UCL): First person thought and a problem of circularity Commentator: Barnaby Walker (Warwick)

15:45-16:00 Refreshments

16:00-17:15 Daniel Vanello (Warwick) Imagination and the phenomenology of perception Commentator: Claire Field (KCL)

Friday 14th February 2014 at King’s College, London:

Venue: K0.16 (King’s building ground floor), Strand campus, King’s College London

13:00-14:15 Nicola Spinelli (Warwick) What it is to be an Intentional Object Commentator: Paola Romero Ronca (KCL)

14:15-14:30 break

14:30-15:45 Janiv Paulsberg (KCL) Why go rich? Assessing the epistemological incentive for the rich content view Commentator: Tom Williams (UCL)

15:45-16:00 break

16:00-17:15 Sebastian Sanhueza (UCL) Change and Process in Perceptual Experience Commentator:Alfonso Anaya (Warwick)

Saturday 23rd November 2013 at UCL, London:

13:00 – “The subjective origins of transcendental idealism”, Max Edwards (UCL) Respondent: Nathan Birch (KCL)

14:15 – Refreshments

14: 30 – “Two Kinds of Cartesian Skills” (TBC), Juan Camilo Espejo-Serna (Warwick) Respondent: Lea-Cecile Salje (UCL)

15:45 – Refreshments, the sequel

16:15 – “The Way Things Look: a Defence of Representationalism”, Andrea Giananti (KCL, Fribourg) Respondent: Ivan Ivanov

17:30 – End of the forum (Warwick)

18:00 – Pub and dinner


Summer Term

May 6th: Johan Gersel, ‘Realism and Elements of Sense’.

May 13th: Andrew Stephenson (guest graduate speaker from Oxford), ‘Kant on Delusive Experience’.

May 20th: Kevin Lynch, ‘Self-Deception and Degrees of Conviction’.

May 27th: Ivan Ivanov, ‘Two Particularist Challenges for the Strong Intentionalist’.

June 3rd: Karen Simecek, ‘Emotion and Understanding Poetry’.

June 17th: Keith Wilson, ‘The Sound of Silence’.

July 1st: Yasmin Bassi, ‘Interventionism, Control Variables and Psychological Causation’.

Spring Term

Keith Wilson, ‘The Graduate Wiki: A Tool for Philosophy Postgraduates at Warwick’.
January 27th, MS.05 (Maths and Statistics Building)

Toni Tochel, ‘A Problem for Anscombe’s Account of Agents’ Knowledge’
February 10th, H3.45 (Humanities Building)

Richard Moore, ‘Grasping Gricean second clause intentions’
Michael Fenton, ‘Introspection’
February 24th, H3.45 (Humanities Building)

Ivan Valentinov Ivanov, ‘Phenomenal Intentionality’
March 10th, H3.45 (Humanities Building)

Autumn Term

Pete Wolfendale “Explicating the Question of the Meaning of Being”
Friday 16th October, 3.30-5.00pm
Social Studies A0.23.

Oliver Rashbrook “Temporal Experience”
Friday 23rd October, 3.00-4.30pm
Social Studies A0.23.

Michael Kolkman “Fichte’s Programme for a Philosophy of Freedom”
Friday 30th October, 3.00-4.30pm
Social Studies A0.23.

Kevin Lynch “Explaining Self-Deception”
Friday 6th November, 3.00-4.30pm
Social Studies A0.23.

Friday 13th November: No Seminar due to Reading Week

Nadja El Kassar “The McDowell-Dreyfus Debate”
Friday 20th November, 3.00-4.30pm
Social Studies A0.23.

Johan Gersel “What Does Semantics Say About Metaphysics and Vice Versa?”
Friday 27th November, 3.00-4.30pm
Social Studies A0.23.

Peter Shum “Husserl and the Imagination (Early Position)”
Friday 4th December, 3.00-4.30pm
Social Studies A0.23.


Summer Term

Hemdat Lerman ‘Visual attention and the character of visual experience’
Friday 24th April, 2-4pm R1.04

Spring Term

Hemdat Lerman ‘Perceptual Experience and Correctness Conditions’
Thursday 29th January, 4-6pm

Keith Wilson ‘Explanatory Constraints on a Williamsonian Theory of Knowledge’
Friday 6th February, 3-5pm
Social Studies S0.11.

Sarah Cooper ‘Perceptual Imagination’
Friday 20th February, 3-5pm
Social Studies S0.11.

Richard Moore ‘Imitation and the Acquisition of Linguistic Conventions’
Friday 27th February, 3-5pm
Social Studies S0.11.

Miguel Sebastian ‘Narrow Representationalism: An Attempt to Naturalize the Mind’
Friday 13th March, 3-5pm
Social Studies S0.11.

Autumn Term

Louise Richardson ‘Taste and smell’
Friday 10th October, 2.30-4pm
Social Studies S0.09.

Oliver Rashbrook ‘The unity of consciousness II’
Friday 17th October, 2.30-4pm
Social Studies S0.09.

Alexander Kelly
Friday 24th October, 2.30-4pm
Social Studies S0.09.

Richard Moore
Friday 31st October, 2.30-4pm
Social Studies S0.09.

Kevin Lynch ‘Does Freud have an intelligent design argument for the unconscious mind?’
Friday 14th November, 2.30-4pm
Ramphal R2.41.

Keith Wilson ‘Time-consciousness and the present: a dynamical systems perspective’
Friday 21st November, 2.30-4pm
Ramphal R2.41.

Miguel Sebastian ‘The Recursive Model of Consciousness. A double content representational theory’
Friday 4th December, 2.30-4pm
Ramphal R2.41.


Summer Term

Richard Moore tba
Friday 27th June 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.08.

Mike Fenton tba
Friday 20th June 2008, 12.30-2.30pm
Social Studies S0.08.

Ian Phillips (UCL/Oxford) ‘Phenomenal anti-realism’
Friday 6th June 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.08.

Sarah Cooper ‘Moving on from the dependency thesis’
Friday 30th May 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.08.

Oliver Rashbrook ‘The diachronic unity of consciousness’
Friday 16th May 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.08.

Kevin Lynch, ‘Behavioral versus physiological criteria for sensation: can fish feel pain?’
Friday 2nd May 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.08.

Spring Term

Jonny Roberts, ‘What is guidance of action?’
Friday 14th March 2008, 1-3pm
Ramphal R2.41.

Richard Moore, ‘Bloom, force and communication’
Friday 29th February 2008, 1-3pm
Ramphal R2.41.

Louise Richardson, ‘Seeing empty space’
Friday 22nd February 2008, 1-3pm
Ramphal R2.41.

Alexander Kelly, ‘Principles of individuation’
Friday 15th February 2008, 1-3pm
Humanities H2.44

Shogo Shimizu, ‘Molyneux’s Question and Concepts of Shapes’
Friday 8th February 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.28.

Toni Tochel, ‘Making sense of Birbaumer’s extinction of thought hypothesis’
Friday 25th January 2008, 1.15-2.45pm (Note unusual time)
Social Studies S0.28.

Sarah Cooper, ‘Sensory Imagination’
Friday 18th January 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.28.

Michael Fenton, ‘Humean Naturalism’
Friday 11th January 2008, 1-3pm
Social Studies S0.28.

Autumn Term

Oliver Rashbrook, ‘The Unity of Consciousness’
Friday 7th December 2007, 4-6pm
Ramphal R1.03.

Steve Butterfill, Liz Robinson and Erica Nurmsoo, ‘Extracting Knowledge from Other Minds: What do Children Understand about Question-Asking?’
Friday 7th December 2007, 1-3pm
Ramphal R1.03.

Kevin Lynch, ‘Three Paradoxes of Classical Essentialism’
Friday 23rd November 2007, 1-3pm
Ramphal R1.03.

Jonathan Roberts, ‘Control of Action’
Friday 16th November 2007, 1-3pm
Ramphal R1.03.

Richard Moore, ‘Affective Engagement and Language Acquisition’
Friday 9th November 2007, 1-3pm
Ramphal R1.03.

Louise Richardson, ‘Spatial phenomenology and objective experience’
Friday 2nd November 2007, 1-3pm
Ramphal R1.03.

Alex Kelly, ‘Humility, Scepticism and Identification’
Friday 26th October 2007, 1-3pm
Ramphal R1.03.