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Poetry and Philosophy Reading Group

A forum for philosophically engaged discussion of poetry and questions concerning the relations between poetry and philosophy. It brings together staff and postgraduates from Philosophy, English, and other departments. Readings are sometimes linked to CRPLA events.

When: tbc
Where: tbc
Contact: eileen dot john at warwick dot ac dot uk

2012-13 Meetings

Term 1

Week 2: 1-2 pm in S2.73, Discussion of Ludwig Tieck, 'Der Runenberg'

Week 4: Thursday 3-4 pm, Cowling Room S2.77, Discussion of Eileen John, 'Poetry and Directions for Thought'

Week 7: Wednesday 2-3 pm, S0.03, Miguel de Beistegui, Chapter 4 of Aesthetics after Metaphysics

Week 9: Thursday 3-4 pm, Cowling Room S2.77, Richard Eldridge, 'Truth in Poetry: Particulars and Universals' and Sally Read, 'Mafia Flowers'

2011-12 Meetings

Term 1

Week 3: Jean-Luc Nancy, 'The Sublime Offering'

Week 5: Anne-Lise Francois, from Open Secrets: The Literature of Uncounted Experience 

Week 7: Anne-Lise Francois, pp. 158-79 from Open Secrets (Note meeting Wednesday 16 November, in S1.66)

Week 10: Moishe Postone, 'Anti-Semitism and National Socialism'

Term 2

Week 4 reading: David Foster Wallace, 'Good Old Neon'

Week 10 reading: Goethe, 'Urworte. Orphisch' / 'Primal Words. Orphic'

2010-11 Meetings


Week 2: Organisational meeting; Discussion of Celan readings for Geuss CRPLA talk

Week 4: Raymond Geuss, 'Art and Criticism in Adorno's Aesthetics'; Theodor Adorno, 'The Position of the Narrator in the Contemporary Novel' and 'Reading Balzac'; Bertolt Brecht, 'A Liturgy of Breath' / 'Liturgie vom Hauch'; Tues 12:45-1:45 pm in S2.71

Week 6: Geoffrey Hill, 'Poetry and Value'; Tues 12:45-1:45 pm in the Cowling Room, S2.77

Week 8: Sigmund Freud, 'Moses an Egyptian'; Tues 12:45-1:45 pm in the Cowling Room, S2.77

Week 10: Stephen Dunn, 'The Poem, its Buried Subject, and the Revisionist Reader', Tues 12:45-1:45 pm in the Cowling Room, S2.77


Week 1: Lydia Goehr, 'How to Do More with Words. Two Views of (Musical) Ekphrasis' , Tues 12:45-1:45 pm in the Cowling Room, S2.77

Week 3: Olivier Tonneau, 'No Happiness without virtue: In defense of Diderot's defense of virtue' , WEDNESDAY 2-3:00 pm in the Cowling Room, S2.77

Week 5: Poems by H.D., Wednesday 2-3:00 pm in S2.81

Week 7: Poems by Jack Spicer, Wednesday 2-3:00 pm in the Cowling Room, S2.77

Week 9: Richard Eldridge, 'The Ends of Narrative', Wednesday 2-3:00 pm, in S2.81; Graham Greene, 'The Destructors'

2009-10 Meetings

Readings for Week 4 (28 October): Chapter 11, 'Elegies of Form', in Angela Leighton's On Form plus selected poems

Reading for Week 6 (11 November): Benjamin Friedlander, 'Philip Jenks and the Poetry of Experience'

Reading for Week 2 (20 January): Simon Jarvis, 'An Undeleter for Criticism'

Reading for Week 4 (3 February): Simon Jarvis, 'Prosody as Cognition'

Reading for Week 6 (17 February): Simon Jarvis, 'Light'

Reading for Week 2 (5 May): Peter Lamarque, 'Poetry and Abstract Thought'

Reading for Week 3 (11 May--note change of week/day): William Desmond, 'Between Finitude and Infinity: Hegelian Reason and the Pascalian Heart'