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Mat Coakley

Teaching Fellow in Philosophy and the Department's post-graduate Exams Secretary 2019-20.

Office: S2.54

Advice and Feedback hours:

(Note there's no A&F in reading weeks)

Normally during term time Tuesdays 2-4pm, no appointment needed.

Personal academic webpage here

Research Interests

I work in political philosophy and ethics, with interests in normative economics and epistemology. My PhD was from New York University and I've previously also taught at the LSE.

Selected publications


"Hempel, Grue and the Logical Empiricist Baseline". 2018, Erkenntnis 

"Motivation Ethics" (book), 2017 Bloomsbury Academic

"Classifying States: Instrumental rhetoric or a compelling normative theory?". 2017, Ethics and Global Politics. (with P. Maffettone)

"Interpersonal Comparisons of the Good: Epistemic not Impossible". 2016 Utilitas

“Markets on the Margin: Sweatshops” (chapter) in “Politics, Philosophy & Economics: The Key Readings” 2015 Oxford University Press, Eds Anomaly, Brennan, Munger, Sayre-McCord (with M Kates, based on Coakley & Kates 2013).

"The Ethical and Economic Case for Sweatshop Regulation" 2013, Journal of Business Ethics, (with M Kates).

"On the Value of Political Legitimacy" 2011, Politics, Philosophy & Economics