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Daniel Vanello

I received my BA in Single Honors Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin in July 2011. I then moved here at the University of Warwick and was awarded the MPhil n October 2013. Since then I embarked on my doctoral research and I am due to submit my thesis in September 2016.

Thesis Title: Emotion and Value: a phenomenological approach

A pervasive feature of human life is the ability to feel emotions. My doctoral thesis explores the role played by the affective, or feeling, component of emotional experience in the way we evaluate the world, particularly within the ethical and practical domains. I ask the following questions: is emotional affect necessary or merely contingent in the acquisition of evaluative knowledge? Insofar as emotional affect is intrinsically motivating, what is the relation between motivation and evaluation in emotional experience? Can we know the value of an object or event in the absence of an appropriate affective and motivational response towards it?

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