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A to Z Useful Resources for Staff


Academic Promotions

Guidelines for research and teaching staff promotions

Adoption Leave Guidelines

Information on leave and pay entitlement for staff who are planning on adopting a child

Athena SWAN (Institution Information)

Institution information on the Athena SWAN award. Athena SWAN encourages and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women across all departments.

Athena SWAN Charter

ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter was established in 2005 to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) employment in higher education and research. In May 2015 the charter was expanded to recognise work undertaken in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law (AHSSBL), and in professional and support roles, and for trans staff and students.


BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme

The British Philosophical Association and Society for Women in Philosophy (UK) Good Practice Scheme aims to assist UK philosophy departments, learned societies and journals in ensuring that they have policies and procedures in place that encourage the representation of women in philosophy.

Black, Minority, Ethnic (BME) Staff Network Group

The BME network aims to provide a space for discussion of issues relevant to its members and to contribute to University initiatives on equality and diversity.


Carers Network

The carers' network has been formed for staff who have caring responsibilities outside of work, this may be an elderly parent or relative, or an unwell relative, partner or child. The network will provide a safe environment for you to meet with others and an opportunity to discuss issues that you may be facing or just take some 'time out' from your responsibilities.


Demystifying the Academic Promotions Process 2017

Information session on applying for promotion

Dignity Contacts

Dignity Contacts are university members who can be contacted in relation to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Dignity at Warwick (Procedure for Reporting Bullying and Harassement)

Information on the Dignity at Warwick Policy which outlines unacceptable behaviours, and the process for reporting and dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

Disability Information

Diversity and inclusion page providing information and resources on disability

Disability Policy for Staff

Information on Disability Policy for Staff

Diversity and Inclusion Online Training

Online training oportunities and resources to increase awareness and knowledge of disability, mental health awareness, discrimination and unconscious bias

Diversity in the Workplace e-learning Module

This module is designed to assist all staff in carrying out their roles within the University and understanding the relevant legislation in this field.


Equality Challenge Unit

Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) works to further and support equality and diversity for staff and students in higher education institutions across all four nations of the UK and in colleges in Scotland. We provide a central resource of advice and guidance for the sector.


Flexible Working

The University aims to promote work life balance for all employees at the University. This page contains guidance on flexible working.


HR Policies and Procedures

Comprehensive information on HR policies and procedures with guidance and forms


Inspiring Women Seminar Series

A chance to meet senior professional female role models to hear personal stories of success, advice and inspiration


LGBT Contacts Scheme

The contacts scheme is run by the LGBT Staff Network Group and is aimed at staff who would like to discuss LGBT-related issues in an informal and confidential environment.

LGBT Staff Network Group

This network group enables LGBT staff to come together to share information, support and, by signalling a LGBT presence on campus, to ensure we maintain a comfortable and fully inclusive environment in which we can each reach our full potential without fear of discrimination.


Maternity Leave Policy and Guidelines

Information regarding the University's maternity leave policy and procedures and relevant forms to be completed.

Medical Leave

Information on the University Sickness Management Policy which is designed promote the health, safety and welfare of all Warwick employees and workers and guidelines on what to do if you need to take leave for medical reasons.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Information about the University's Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Mentoring for Females Staff in Philosophy

Information on the mentoring scheme available to female academics and post-docs from the SWIP (Society for Women in Philosophy), which aims to assist women with career development and raise the profile of women in Philosophy.


Paternity Guidelines

Information regarding paternity leave and pay


Race Equality Charter

ECU’s Race Equality Charter (REC) aims to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education.


Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP)

Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) UK is an organisation of UK women in philosophy, including students and professionals, working within or outside academic departments to support women in Philosophy


University of Warwick Diversity and Inclusion Page

Provides comprehensive information on diversity and inclusion matters, including university policies and events


Working Parents' Network

This network offers the opportunity to meet with other working parents here at the University.