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Felix Pinkert

Research interests

My research interests are in moral, political, and social philosophy. I am particularly interested in the moral obligations of "ordinary" citizens of affluent countries with regard to large-scale problems like climate change and global poverty and inequality, and investigate these issues both from the perspective of applied ethics and normative theory. I am further interested in moral psychology, metaethics, the philosophy of economics, and the philosophy of religion.


Prior to coming to Warwick, I have been lecturer in philosophy at Lincoln College and the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford from 2013-15. In 2013, I graduated from the St Andrews and Stirling Graduate Programme in Philosophy with a thesis on Consequentialist ethics in multi-agent contexts, which was supervised by Tim Mulgan and John Skorupski. During my doctoral studies, I have also been a visiting PhD student in Princeton and Oxford, where my research was supervised by Peter Singer and Krister Bykvist.

Before starting my PhD studies I received an M.Litt. in philosophy from the Universities of St Andrews and Stirling, with a dissertation on the problem of intertemporal choice for Consequentialist ethics. Prior to my Master's, I received a B.A. equivalent in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Kiel, where I also worked as a research assistant in climate change modeling and wage inequality analysis.

Contrary to what my past research suggests, I am not a Utilitarian or Consequentialist of some other stripe. I merely believe that the consequences of actions matter to what we morally ought to do, and want to know more about how precisely such consequences should be considered. So to learn more about this question, I naturally turn to the ethical tradition which holds that only consequences matter, even though I do not share this exclusivity commitment and instead believe in a plurality of ethical reasons.


  • "What if I cannot make a difference (and know it)?", Ethics 125 (4):971-998 (2015).
  • "What We Together Can (be required to) Do", Midwest Studies in Philosophy 38 (1):187-202 (2014).


In 2015/16, I will be teaching on

  • immigration and refugees in "Principles of Political Economy (Philosophy and Politics)"
  • Mill's Utilitarianism, On Liberty, and The Subjection of Women in "Descartes and Mill"
  • freedom, blame, and responsibility in "Ideas of Freeom"
  • "Applied Ethics"

Felix Pinkert

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