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Invited Papers and Responses:

  • "Les Origines du Disjunctivisme" [The Origins of Disjunctivism], Invited Lecture, University of Liège, Belgium. April 2014.
  • Response to Katalin Farkas "Varieties of Self-Knowledge", Mind Grad 2013, University of Warwick. December 2013.
  • "Austin and Perceptual Realism", Conference on Cook Wilson and Oxford Realism, University of Liège, Belgium. January 2013.
  • " Do Hallucinations threaten Naive Realism?", Consciousness and Self Consciousness Seminar, University of Warwick. June 2012.
  • " Disjunctivism and Puzzling Phenomenal Characters", MLAG Graduate Conference, University of Porto. November 2011.
  • "Who’s afraid of Hallucinations?", International Workshop Perceptual Presence, Husserl Archives of Paris (ENS-CNRS). January 2011.
  • "Goodbye Content?", International Conference Le sens de la perception, Husserl Archives of Paris. October 2009.
  • "Contenu de la perception et espace des raisons" [Content of Perception and Space of Reason], Research Seminar 'Philosophies de la perception', Husserl Archives of Paris). January 2009.

Refereed Papers:

  • "Indistinguishability and Matching Hallucination", ESPP13, Granada. July 2013.
  • "In defence of Phenomenal Disjunctivism", International Conference on Sense and Sensibility, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan.
  • "Making sense of phenomenal disjunctivism", International Graduate Conference, University of Liège, Belgique. April 2012.
  • "The scope of Phenomenal Disjunctivism", International Graduate Conference on Perception, University of Essex. May 2012.
  • "Phenomenal disjunctivism: how to dispel a puzzle", French Society for Analytic Philosophy (SOPHA) Congress, Paris. May 2012.
  • "Making sense of phenomenal disjunctivism", 6th Graduate Conference of Phenomenology, University of Liège, Belgium. April 2012.
  • "Disjunctivism, indiscriminability and phenomenal characters", ECAP7 (7th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy), Milan. September 2011.
  • "Sense and Sensibilia: a forgotten lesson", J.L. Austin Centenary Conference, Lancaster University. April 2011.
  • "Perception, signification, normativité", Graduate Conference, Paris 1. March 2010.

Work in Progress Wokshops and Seminars:


  • “Hallucinations and the Motivations for Naive Realism”, Geneva-Warwick Workshop, Warwick. March 2014.

  • "Indiscriminability and the Fitting Relation", London-Warwick Mind Forum. June 2013.
  • "Misrepresenting Tropes. Response to Ivan Ivanov", Graduate Seminar, Warwick. March 2013.

  • "Perception, Hallucination, and Imagination", Doctoral Work in Progess Seminar, UCL, London, UK. June 2012.

  • "La perception est-elle intentionnelle?" [Is perception intentional?], International Graduate Workshop, University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca. June 2010.