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Kai Spiekermann

My research focuses on both normative and positive questions of moral theory and political philosophy, with special attention to game theory and its philosophical applications. In addition, I work on questions in the philosophy of the social sciences, with particular focus on economics and political science. Among my current research projects is the application of agent-based models to analyze dynamic social processes such as norm enforcement and group deliberation.



Spiekermann, Kai (2009). Sort out Your Neighbourhood: Public Good Games on Dynamic Networks. Synthese 168(2): 273-294.

Peter, Fabienne and Kai Spiekermann (forthcoming). "Rules, Norms, Commitments". In: Ian Jarvie and Jesus Zamora-Bonilla (Eds.). Handbook of Philosophy of Social Science. SAGE.

Spiekermann, Kai (2007). Translucency, Assortation, and Information Pooling: Groups Solve Social Dilemmas. Politics, Philosophy & Economics 6(3).

See also Bob Goodin's comment: Goodin, Robert (2008). Clubbish Goods. Politics, Philosophy & Economics 7(2).

and my reply: Spiekermann, Kai (2008). Reply: Clubbish Justice. Politics, Philosophy & Economics 7(4).

Spiekermann, Kai (2009). What the Neighbours Think: State, Building, Esteem, Political Culture. In: Julia Raue and Patrick Sutter (eds.) Facets and Practices of State Building. Leiden and Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Good, Paul-Lukas, and Kai Spiekermann (2005). Liberalismus und Rechtsstaat: Thesen zu EMRK und europäischer Identität. In: Patrick Sutter and Ulrich Zelger (eds.) 30 Jahre EMRK-Beitritt der Schweiz: Erfahrungen und Perspektiven. Bern: Stämpfli.

Working Papers

A Clear Conscience on the Cheap: Carbon Offsets, the Undemandingness Problem and Motivational Robustness

(with Robert Goodin) Epistemic Aspects of Representative Government

Judgement Aggregation and Distributed Thinking

(with Andreas Warntjen). Dynamics and outcomes of complex negotiations: Insights from an agent-based model, presented at the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research, Pisa, September 2007

The Conditions of Esteem: A General Taxonomy 

Recent Invited Talks

ECPR Joint Sessions 2009, Workshop "Empires of Law and Norms", 2009

Department of Philosophy, Durham, 2009

LSE Political Philosophy Seminar, London, 2008

Decision, Game Theory, and Logic Workshop, Amsterdam, 2008 

Symposium on Distributed Cognition, University of Hertfordshire, 2008 

Evolution of Cooperation Workshop, 2007, Australian National University, Canberra

LSE Choice Group, 2007, London School of Economics 


Norms and Games: Realistic Moral Theory and the Dynamic Analysis of Cooperation. PhD thesis. London School of Economics. Accepted May 2008.


PhD Supervision

I am willing to supervise PhD projects related to my research interests.

Ethics I

See module website.

Elements of Scientific Method

UG Module in the summer term.

Evolution,  Norms, and Cooperation

MA module for the spring term. More information available here.

 Kai Portrait

Dr Kai P Spiekermann

Assistant Professor 

Departmental PPE Convenor and Senior Tutor for PPE students




Office hour: by appointment


024 761 50 599