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Shaun Stevenson


I have studied at the University of Warwick since 2014, when I began my Masters in Continental Philosophy. I have been researching my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Warwick since 2015. Prior to attending the University Warwick , I studied a BA Hons degree in Theology (2010-2013). I also currently teach as a Sessional Teaching Assistant at the University of Warwick and have done so since 2016.

Current Research

Death is not perdition, it is redemption. The key to appreciating this is in studying the ways in which the concept of death can play an integral role in the affirmation of life. The transformation of the negative understanding of death as an event to be feared into one which is understood as liberating, developmental and metamorphic is a large part of the work I am undertaking. I am examining the concept of Death, or Thanatos, in the work of Gilles Deleuze (1925-95), focussing predominantly on his exploration of it in his text Difference and Repetition. Referencing the material that inspired Deleuze's philosophy (the likes of Spinoza, Epicurus, and Bergson, amongst others) I take a look at the philosophical legacy of the fear of death - thanatophobia - as something to be anaesthetised and how this is taken up in Deleuze's own writing. I also take a good look at the ways in which death as a concept is taken up in dialectical philosophy, which utilises negativity, by focussing on the works of Hegel (especially Phenomenology of Spirit and Science of Logic). All of this is going to culminate in a thorough examination of whether the concept of death that Deleuze is using is inkeeping with his heritagge of affirmationism or is at risk of falling into dialectics and the use of negativity, knowingly or not.

Research Interests

My research interests is the ways we can learn to re-evaluate the role of the concept of death to improve our love of life and our fate through the study of philosophy.

(Labels: Epicureanism, Death, philosophy of death, naturalism, materialism, Deleuze, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Freud, pessimism, Hegel, Stoicism, Hellenic philosophy, affirmationism.)


  • Bishop of Leeds Prize (for Excellence in Theology)
  • Humanities Departmental Prize 2011/12/13 (Leeds Trinity University)
  • Humanities Student Staff Academic Committee Outstanding Student Member Prize 2013 (Leeds Trinity University)
  • Philosophy Department Scholarship (University of Warwick)
  • CADRE Scholarship
  • Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence PGR Winner 2017
  • Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence PGR Nominee 2018
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