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Adina Covaci

I joined the University of Warwick as a Teaching Fellow in 2020. Before that, I was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bristol, where I taught courses on the philosophy and history of medicine and on issues related to death, dying, and disease. I finished my PhD in 2019, at the University of Leeds.

My research interests are at the intersection of ethics, metaethics, and social epistemology. My PhD thesis investigated the problem of moral deference, which centred around the following question: is it problematic to form moral beliefs or to act on the basis of someone else’s moral judgment? Or, in less abstract terms, is it bad to start believing that capital punishment is morally wrong just because your reliable friend told you so? I argue that such a practice, when recurrent, is indeed problematic because it negatively interferes with our capacity for practical deliberation. Currently, I am thinking about the different implications of my view on moral deference and trying to develop some new ideas around moral worth and effort.

This year, I will be teaching some PH211 Ethics seminars in Term 1, and PH149 Key Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy and PH212 Applied Ethics in Term 2.

In term 1, my virtual office hours are on Mondays, 14:30-16:30 - please email beforehand to book a slot, to avoid clashes on Teams. If these don't suit your schedule, do get in touch and we can try to find another time that works.