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Alberto Vanzo

I am a research fellow at the Department of Philosophy, where I am working on the AHRC-funded project "Experimental and Empirical Philosophy: A Historical Reconstruction and Philosophical Assessment". This project stems from earlier research on early modern experimental philosophy, that I carried out during a post-doc at the University of Otago in New Zealand. My research focuses on early modern philosophy, Kant, and the history and method of philosophical historiography.

I have published primarily on experimental natural philosophy, Kant's relation to Leibniz, Kant's views on concepts (1, 2, 3), logic, and truth, and the origins of the narrative of early modern philosophy based on the contrast of empiricism and rationalism.

You can find more information on my research here and on my publications, including full texts, here.

Alberto Vanzo

Email: alberto dot vanzo at anche dot no

Office hour: by appointment