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Undergraduate Conference in Continental Philosophy


Centre for Research in Post-Kantian Philosophy

University of Warwick


Undergraduate Conference in Continental Philosophy

7 June 2023

Location: R 0.14 Ramphal Building



Greisi Hailiaj (KCL)

“What Does Kant Mean When He Says We Are “Disinterested” in That Which Is Beautiful? Is He Right?”

Commentator: Giles Wordsworth (Warwick)


11:00AM-11:15AM- Break



Mathilde Pritzel Nielsen (KCL)

“What is the Meaning and Value, if any, of Heidegger’s Notion of Dwelling?”

Commentator: Felix da Silva (Warwick)

12:15PM-1:30PM Lunch



Elena Ravdan (Durham)

“Are Either Camus or De Beauvoir Right About the Meaning of Life?”

Commentator: Matt Munnelly (Warwick)



Molly McQuitty (RHUL)

“The Phenomenology of Body Image in Sartre’s Nausea”

Commentator: Elif Karaaslan (Warwick)



Coffee and Tea Break



Faisal Hans (Durham)

“Archaelogy and Genealogy in Foucault”

Commentator: Fangyang Xie (Warwick)


5PM- Drinks and Dinner for Speakers and Commentators

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