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Past Events

Seminars and Talks


Cristina Borgoni, 'Unendorsed Beliefs' 24 February 2015

Mike Martin, 'Acquaintance', 9 May 2014

Jennifer Corns, 'Hedonic Rationality' 30 April 2014

Rachael Wiseman, ' Dreaming and Historical Psychological Statements', 14 March 2014

Clare Mac Cumhaill, 'Visual Evanescence', 15 January 2014


See also The Second Person Project; Rethinking the Senses


Workshops and conferences


* Early Career Mind Network Pilot Meeting, info

* The Second Person, info

* Mini-workshop: Joint attention
Speakers: Juan Carlos Gomez (St Andrews) and Maria Nunez (Glasgow)

* Mini-workshop: The Role of Consciousness

Speakers: Ian Phillips (Oxford) and Bob Kentridge (Durham)

* Time, Tense and the Psychology of Relief, info

* Attention and Perceptual Activity Workshop, info

* Warwick-Geneva Philosophy of Mind Conference 2014, info

* Perspectives on Joint Action, a two-day workshop, info


See also Past Projects; MindGrad