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Frequently asked questions

1. When does registration begin?

Rachel Harrington, is the Postgraduate Programmes Officer. Please ensure you see Rachel during the first week of the new term (week beginning 3rd October) to confirm your arrival.

2. How do I select my module choices and what is the deadline for this?

You will use the online module registration system (eVision Module Registration or eMR) to choose your modules. The module registration system will open on (TBD) and your modules must be confirmed by the end of the third week of the autumn term, (TBD). To access the system you need to sign in via Start.Warwick and locate the 'My Warwick Admin Systems' gadget before selecting the 'Module Registration Manager (MRM)' link.

3. How do I enrol at the University of Warwick?

For more information about how to enrol:

4. Where do I collect my university/student card from?

You will be able to collect your card after you have submitted your photograph online and completed online enrolment (see above). Click here for details of when and where to collect your University card. If you have not submitted a photo prior to arrival, staff will be able to produce cards on the day. For students starting at other times during the year: once you have enrolled and submitted your photo online, your card will be available from the Student Reception. The Student Reception is open from 08:00 - 20:00 Monday to Friday and from 10:00 - 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. You will need to bring proof of identification and your certificate of enrolment when you collect your card.

5. How and when will I know who my supervisor or personal tutor is?

Supervisors/Personal Tutors will be allocated to students when you register with the Department and the list will be displayed on the Postgraduate noticeboard soon afterwards. You should meet with your supervisor/ personal tutor during weeks 1-2 of the first term of the academic year.

You can find staff details here.

6. How do I submit essays?

The Department uses the Tabula online system for submitting essays.

7. What are the deadlines for submitting essays?

MA students

You submit 6 essays (5,000 words if taking a 20 CAT module and 7,500 words if taking a 30 CAT module) plus a 10,000 word dissertation. You will submit 4 essays in April and 2 essays in June. If you wish, you may opt to combine one essay with your dissertation (total submission of 15,000 words), but we would recommend speaking to your personal tutor about this first.

MPhil students

MPhils complete 3 modules in year 1 and 2, so submit three essays in total in year 1 and three in year 2.

8. How do I apply for accommodation?

Please see the Accommodation Website for more information. Alternatively, you can contact them by ringing +44 (0) 24 7652 3772 or by emailing