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MA in Continental Philosophy (P-V7P2)

This programme draws on our long-established strengths in research and teaching in Continental Philosophy. It is distinctive in offering an unusually broad range of module options specifically in this area of philosophy, covering major figures and themes, as well as more specialized or less mainstream topics. Because of the breadth of our expertise in this area, whichever module option you choose, you will be taught by world leaders in their respective fields. Unlike some other postgraduate programmes, you’ll have the chance to choose all of your course work and your dissertation from the field of Continental Philosophy, although modules from other philosophical traditions or subject areas can also be taken.

There is no restriction on the selection of module options. If you are looking for a course that gives you an exposure to Continental Philosophy that is both broad and in-depth, this is likely to be the right course for you. The influential Leiter Report 2014-15 ranks our graduate programme 1st in the UK and 3rd internationally in the area 20th Century Continental Philosophy. In the category 19th Century Continental Philosophy we are ranked 1st in the UK and 6th internationally. The 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) ranks the research produced by our department as 1st in the UK.

On this course, you'll have the freedom to choose six modules from our department's extensive selection. You can view our complete listing of Philosophy modules on our module webpage. So, whether you're interested in Nietzsche, Kant's Aesthetics, Hegel's Science of Logic or 20th Century French Philosophy, you'll find modules here that suit you.

You might wish to take this MA as a self-standing degree, to enhance your knowledge of continental philosophy, or perhaps you wish to take this programme as an entry route to PhD research in Continental Philosophy. Either way, we'll offer you a comprehensive education in the Continental tradition.

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