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Consciousness and Reality (PH919-20/30)

Programme content

In this module we will be addressing two general issues: (1) The attempt to understand how consciousness fits into our more general view of what there is in the world; (2) The sort of perspective on the world that consciousness provides us with – the sort of sensory and cognitive contact with reality that consciousness provides us with.

Module Director:


Sample reading list (PDF Document)

Topics covered

The following is a list of topics for this module in the 2010/11 academic year; precise seminar content may change from year to year.

  • Concepts of Consciousness
  • Phenomenal Consciousness and the “Hard” Problem
  • Introspection, Qualia and the Transparency of Experience
  • The Objects of Conscious Experience
  • The Content of Conscious Experience
  • Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness
  • Naïve Realism and Relational Views of Experience
  • Bodily Sensation
  • The Unity of Consciousness
Timing and CATS

This module runs in the Autumn Term and is worth 20 or 30 CATS depending on your programme of study.