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Time and Experience (PH9E4-20/30)

Edmund Husserl speaks of our experience of time as “the most difficult of all phenomenological problems”, but also “perhaps the most important in the whole of phenomenology”. Getting it right about the nature of conscious experience, it seems, requires giving an account of its temporal dimension; ignoring that temporal dimension means missing out some of the most fundamental features of consciousness.

In this module, we will discuss recent work on temporal experience, which is a particularly vibrant area of research at the moment, and also engage with some key historical sources. We will consider how philosophical debates about the nature of temporal experience might be informed by empirical research, and how they might be brought to bear on debates, in metaphysics, on the nature of time itself.

Module Director

Christoph Hoerl

Timing and CATS

This module is running in the Autumn term of the 2016/17 academic year, and is worth 20 or 30 CATS depending on your programme of study.