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Topics in Continental Philosophy (PH995-20/30)

Programme content

This course provides an advanced introduction to some central topics and problems to which the tradition of continental philosophy offers a distinctive and original set of approaches. Each year the focus will be on a specific field of inquiry drawn from the following: the philosophies of nature and life; the philosophy of mind or spirit; the philosophies of time, memory, and history; aesthetics; ethics and political philosophy.

Topics covered

The following is a list of topics for this module in the 2012/13 academic year; precise seminar content may change from year to year.

  • Hadot on Philosophy as a Way of Life
  • Foucault on the Care of Self
  • Schopenhauer on Suffering, Death, the Vanity of Existence, and the Consolations of Metaphysics
  • The Early Nietzsche on Philosophy, History, and Schopenhauer as Educator
  • Nietzsche on Heroic-Idyllic Philosophizing
  • Epicurus and the Art of Living
  • Nietzsche, Freedom, and the Drives
  • The Philosophy of the Morning: Nietzsche’s Dawn
  • The Gay Science I: the gay science and the dying Socrates
  • The Gay Science II: Amor Fati and Eternal Recurrence
Timing and CATS

This module runs in the Spring Term and is worth 20 or 30 CATS depending on your programme of study.