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MA Offer Holders

Congratulations on your offer to study in the Department of Philosophy and we look forward to meeting you soon! This page gives you some important information that you need to know before you start your MA this October and some dates for your diary. If you are unsure about anything on the run up to the start of the academic year, just let us know.

Rachel Harrington

- The Postgraduate Programmes Officer

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Important deadlines and things you need to do to get started at Warwick. For a full list, take a look at the 'Before You Arrive' Checklist. Specific Postgraduate information can be found here.

Modules running in 2016/17 This link will take you to the list of modules available for 2016/17. Please note this list is subject to change depending on staff availability.
Module registration The online module registration system eMR is open from Monday 26th September until Friday 21st October 2016. Students are only able to register once they have enrolled with the university. You may attend different module lectures in this period to help you decide. Generally full time students will take three modules in the Autumn Term and three modules in the Spring Term.
Clearing conditions 29 August 2016
Online enrolment Open now
Welcome to Warwick Programme Welcome programme for new Postgraduates, International and EU Undergraduates.
Postgraduate university card collection You can collect your University ID Card from Student Reception, Senate House from the 24th September 2016
Arrivals weekend 24th September - 2nd October
Induction Information
MA timetable 2016/17 (PDF Document) Classes begin on Monday 3 October 2016. Please note that induction events will be taking place on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October. For modules that fall at the same time as these events, classes will not take place and will start in week 2 and the additional class will take place during week 6 (reading week).


The PG team in Philosophy is here to help you along the way! If in doubt, send your concerns on to us:

Rachel Harrington

Postgraduate Programmes Officer

Rachel has oversight of postgraduate programmes in Philosophy and can answer your questions about your offer, modules, and your next steps.

Christoph Hoerl

MA Exam Secretary

Christoph is a Professor of Philosophy and the Convenor for the MPhil Course.

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Student Profile

“In general, we are offered considerable freedom and flexibility in our module options, which allows us to align our choices of study with what we find philosophically interesting or stimulating. Unique to the MA in Philosophy however, is a compulsory requirement to take at least one study option in one of three broad categories: these fields being Historical, Analytical and Ethical, with the accompanying ideal of developing students into well-rounded philosophers who have a grounding in a wide range of subjects. Of course however, if there are issues with study options, there is room to discuss such options with the course convenor, to find a solution which suits your personal study tastes.

Topics in the Philosophy of Mind & Language and Self-Knowledge stood out as modules which were particularly interesting. The subject matter, as well as the quality of teaching in such modules was exceptional, particularly in Self-Knowledge, where classes would consist of a short presentation, followed by an extended discussion of the topics covered. Often we’d leave the class with more questions than answers, which we would then proceed to discuss in our research and essay writing.”

- Vincent Leung, MA Philosophy