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MA in Philosophy (P-V7PM)

This programme provides you with the opportunity to study Philosophy at an advanced level, with world leading researchers and teachers. Through interactive seminars, written and oral coursework, research skills classes, and - in the dissertation - the production of a piece of independent philosophical research, you will develop and refine the skills that will provide a foundation for PhD research in Philosophy, or for the research, communication and analysis needed in a non-academic career.

The breadth and depth of research expertise in the Philosophy department means that we can offer you an unusually broad range of options for Masters-level study. The department has strengths across all core areas of Analytic Philosophy and Continental Philosophy. We have particular strengths in Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Moral and Political Philosophy, Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy, and 20th Century Continental Philosophy. The influential Leiter report lists us in the top groupings in each of those six areas. In each area, we are one of the top 3 UK departments for that specialism. The strength of research in the Philosophy department was acknowledged in the 2014 REF, in which the department was ranked 4th in the UK overall and 1st in the UK for the quality of published research in Philosophy.

To develop your research skills, you’ll take a core Research Methods module.

To promote breadth of knowledge, you’ll also be expected to take at least one module from three different areas of Philosophy:

  • Theoretical Philosophy (including: Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language or Logic)
  • Value Theory (modules covering topics in Ethics, Aesthetics, or Political Philosophy)
  • History of Philosophy

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Important Information

Please note the Philosophy MA is likely to change for 2023 entry. Changes to the course structure (including core modules) go through the University's rigorous academic processes. As changes are confirmed, we will update the course information on this webpage. It is therefore very important that you check our webpages for the latest information before you apply and prior to accepting an offer.

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