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Business Ethics (PH360-15/12)

This module is not running in 2015-16.

Programme content

The module will examine the relationship between normative ethics and business practise, and to examine the ethical implications of a range of business practices, including marketing, employment, investments, and executive compensation.

Topics covered

The following is a list of topics for this module in the 2014/15 academic year; precise seminar content may change from year to year.

  • What is Business Ethics? Why are we interested in it?
  • Ethical Theories and Their Application to Business Practices
  • What is a Corporation?
  • Who Does a Corporation Have Duties Towards? And Employee Rights
  • Employee Rights Continued. And Markets and Capitalism
  • The Moral Limits of Markets
  • Tax Justice
  • Climate and Sustainability Responsibilities
  • Executive Compensation, and Marketing.
Timing and CATS

This module is running in the Spring term and is worth 15 CATS. There is also a 12 CATS version of this module with a slightly different assessment method for non-Philosophy students whose course structures require 12 CAT modules.