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Independent Project (PH353-15)

Programme content

This module is available to final-year single honours Philosophy students (including 'Philosophy with...' variants). It is also available to final-year PPE students and Mathematics & Philosophy students as an option. Students who have opted to write a dissertation in Philosophy are precluded from taking an independent project at the same time.

Please also note that students must pre-register their intent to undertake an independent project when pre-registering for all other module options. Students must then formally confirm their supervisor before the end of the summer term of their penultimate year of study (i.e. the second year for a course lasting three years).

Timetable for Independent Projects

Students must pre-register their intent to do an independent project and identify a suitable supervisor in the 3rd term of their penultimate year of study. Students will subsequently be able to opt out of the independent project at the beginning of their final year should they wish to, in which case they will have to choose an alternative 15 CATS module.

Summer term of your Penultimate Year:
  • By the end of week 4: Register your intent to undertake an independent project on the pre-registration webpages as part of your pre-registration for module options you will be taking next year.
  • By Thursday of week 10: Identify supervisor and meet him/her for a preliminary discussion of topic, readings, etc. Hand in Independent Project supervision form to the Department Office (S2.66).
Final Year:
  • During their final year, students are entitled to three further supervision sessions, each of which should be based on a substantial piece of written material presenting a sustained piece of philosophical work.
  • By TBC: Hand in Independent Project Title Form

Timing and CATS

This module involves students carrying out independent research, throughout one term of their final year, on a topic chosen in consultation with their supervisor, to produce a piece of work of around 5,000 words. The module is worth 15 CATS.

Titles of Independent Projects submitted in 2013/14
  • If the world is Deterministic, can it be compatibilised with Free Will, why does this matter and what should be done?
  • Problems with computer-assisted mathematical proofs
  • Is it wrong to benefit from injustices that we are not causally responsible for?
  • Is a Gricean Theory of Conversation capable of explaining the Complexities of Implicature
  • Killing innocent threats and aggressors in self-defence: A criticism of the duty view
  • When are we culpable for actions done out of normative ignorance?