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Philosophy in Education (EQ308)

In recent years, there has been a move to introduce philosophy in schools, with great emphasis on the value of so-called 'thinking skills' and ‘critical thinking’ in post-16 education. This interdisciplinary module explores the connections between philosophy and education, examining the question of what philosophy can 'bring' to education. Rather than focusing on specific philosophers or philosophical problems, you will explore the ways your philosophical knowledge can be applied in the practical or ‘applied’ context of education.

We will examine the ways philosophy is currently being used as tool of educational innovation and critically explore the nature of philosophical thinking and the diversity of philosophical methods, for instance, whether this is limited to ‘critical thinking’ or if philosophy has something richer to offer. You’ll have the chance to reflect on what is distinctive about philosophy and develop arguments about why philosophical thinking is distinctively worthwhile.

We will apply this theoretical assessment within a practical educational context. This will include an opportunity to develop your own philosophy lesson, which you will have the opportunity to try out at a local sixth-form, and to reflect on the wider possibilities for philosophy as education.

Philosophy in Education

Module Director

Karen Simecek


This module is worth 15 CATS.