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DRAFT Student Profiles

“I chose philosophy at Warwick because of the high standard of lecturers, in terms of specialist research and teaching quality. Also, philosophy at Warwick sets itself apart from other courses due to the wide range of modules on offer, for example in areas such as aesthetics, political philosophy and Ancient Greek philosophy. The course is suitably challenging but lecturers and teaching assistants are always more than happy to give help and support. New modules are offered each year, which increases variety and the likelihood of finding something really unique which grabs your interest! One of the biggest considerations for me was Warwick’s (and specifically the philosophy department’s) amazing reputation. Belonging to a first class university and department really gives you pride in your learning and motivates you to push yourself.”

- Izzy Beaumont, BA Philosophy

“Warwick has been a fantastic place to study a broad range of philosophical disciplines. The Philosophy department is brilliant, as it offers such diverse modules. In my first year, the focus of the course was to study the foundations of Philosophy that would be used in the honours level modules. This included Ancient Philosophy, Logic I (which has been surprising useful!), Descartes and Mill, Issues in Philosophy and many more. In second year, very few of my modules were compulsory, and by third year I had full control of my options; this meant I could shape my degree however I wanted. Some students choose to follow a specialised pathway throughout their course, others, like myself, have followed a wide variety of modules. Many students even opt to take a few modules from external departments. The freedom to structure your degree based on your interests, is something that I really love about the department here.”

- Cat Padbury, BA Philosophy