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Special Consideration Form

Special consideration forms can be used to request that individual circumstances be considered in relation to:
  • Absence that leads to a missed monitoring point
  • Examinations

Please note however that all requests for extensions to assessed work (UG or PG) must still be submitted via email to the relevant person as detailed on the UG and PG assessed essay submission webpages.

The form should be completed with as much detail as possible about how your studies have been affected and the completed form should handed to the Department of Philosophy office; electronically or as a paper copy.

For the purposes of examinations a sealed envelope can be used if you wish for your special circumstances to only be revealed to the examining board in the event of problems with examinations.

You should always discuss special circumstances with your personal tutor or the senior tutor.

In the special consideration form you should include the following:
  • Details of the circumstances including how you are involved. E.g. "a close family member has had an operation" is not helpful for the examining board when considering your circumstances. If you are required to be a primary carer following the operation then you should state this.
  • Details about how the circumstances affect your ability to attend to study and/or impact on examinations.
  • Information about any action that you have taken. E.g. seeing a counsellor
  • Information about the duration and the aspects of your studies you feel may be affected