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Entry Requirements

Details about the typical offers for degrees involving Philosophy are given here.

We do consider everyone on his or her individual merit, and can take account of extenuating circumstances in coming to a decision as to whether or not to accept a candidate. We also sometimes carry out admissions interviews if there are reasons for thinking that a candidate's grades do not reflect their true abilities. If you think that there are special circumstances that prevented you from showing your potential in your school exams, you should alert us to this in the personal section of your UCAS form. Depending on the circumstances, we would also ask for a letter from your school or from a medical or other professional.

You might also be interested in looking at the webpages for the AWARDS (Access to Warwick Degrees) Scheme, which provides a special mechanism for letting us know about things that you would like to be taken into consideration when applying to Warwick, but that can't be explained fully on your UCAS form.