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Logic 1: Introduction to Symbolic Logic (PH126-12)


This module runs in the Spring Term and is worth 12 CATS

This module is for Philosophy department students and Maths and Philosophy (GV17) degree students only. If you are a student from outside the Department, you can study the 15 CATS version of this module (module code: PH136-15).


This module provides a study of formal logic covering both propositional and first-order logic. The module is based on Barker-Plummer, Barwise, and Etchemendy: Language, Proof and Logic (CSLI publications, ISBN 9781575866321. Please note: you do NOT need a new copy of the book, we will provide a way for you to submit the exercises that is independent of the software package which comes with the book). We introduce a system of proof (of the natural deduction kind) and sketch demonstrations that this system of proof is both sound and complete. We also explain how to express and understand claims using formal techniques, including multiple quantifiers. Key concepts include logical validity, truth functionality, formal proof, quantification.


Students will acquire a mastery of first-order symbolic logic


Normally students must attend 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of seminars per week.

For students willing and able to go faster, a single weekly fast-track lecture covers the same syllabus as the two main lectures.

Lectures for 2016-17
  • Tuesdays 1pm to 2pm in OC0.03
  • Thursdays to 11am to 12pm in S0.21

Alternatively, for those wishing and able to go faster, a single weekly fast-track lecture covers the same syllabus as the two main lectures. Lecture time: Tuesday 4pm to 5pm in MS.01.

There will be no lectures in reading week (week 6)

Seminars for 2016-17

Seminars start in week 2.

There will be no seminars in reading week (week 6)

Please sign up for a seminar group using Tabula.



This module can be formally assessed in the following ways:

  • 100% examination

In addition students are required to submit weekly exercises directly to their seminar tutor by 2pm the day before their seminar (unless otherwise instructed by the seminar tutor).


Barwise & Etchemendy: Language, Proof and Logic (CSLI publications, Stanford)

Course materials

From October 2016 course materials will be available on Moodle. Simply sign in and select the module from your Moodle home page.

Please note you must be regisitered for the module on eMR in order to access the relevant page.

Module Tutor


Dr Hemdat Lerman

H dot Lerman at warwick dot ac dot uk