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PH126 Pre-module Checklist

Information for 2007-8


Lecture handouts and slides (see below) and tips for software issues

What to do before the module starts

Please buy a new copy of Barwise & Etchemendy: Language, Proof and Logic (CSLI publications, Stanford, £42). The book comes with bundled software and a registration code that you will need in order to complete this course. Please note: you need a *new* copy of the book (as you need a registration code to submit exercises).

Read sections 1.1-1.4 and 2.1-2.5 of the text over the Christmas vacation. Experiment with the Tarski's World program that comes with the book.

Exercises for seminars in week one

Submit these to your seminar group leader by 2pm on the day before your seminar: exercises for week 1 [pdf]

Seminar Groups

All students taking this module must join a seminar group and attend 9 seminars. Seminars start in Week 1.


Lectures, seminars and exercises are all required.


Tuesdays 1pm-2pm in ACCR and Thursdays 11am-12noon in Ramphal R0.21 weeks 1-5 and 7-10. First lecture: Tuesday 8th January 2008


All students taking this course should submit weekly exercises to their seminar group leader by 2pm the day before the seminar unless otherwise agreed with the seminar group leader. Each week's exercises appear on the last page of the handout for the previous Tuesday's lecture. (See below for handouts.)