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Why Study Philosophy?

One reason for studying philosophy is fascination with philosophical questions.

Is Dying Bad For You?

It might not be if you no longer exist after your death. See Nagel's Mortal Questions (Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521406765) or, for a less lively but thorough introduction, Steven Luper's article on Death in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Should You Care about Truth?

Maybe not. But maybe read Truth and Truthfulness: An Essay in Genealogy by Bernard Wiliams (Princeton University Press, ISBN 0691117918) before deciding.

Could You Survive a Body Transplant?

A good introduction to issues is Eric Olson's article on Personal Identity in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Are You Immortal?

Tim Williamson claims to prove that you are in 'Necessary Existents' (in A. O’Hear, ed., Logic, Thought and Language, Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2002, pp. 233-251; also available on his website)

Are You Free to Act?

See P. F. Strawson's Freedom and Resentment and Other Essays (Routledge, ISBN 0415448506)

How Do You Know Your Own Mind?

See Self-Knowledge edited by Quassim Cassm (Oxford University Press, ISBN 0198751168).

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