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National Student Survey 2017

nss_2017_logo_english.pngThe National Student Survey opens on Monday 6th February

In PPE, we are proud of our interaction with student feedback and how we act on it. As a finalist, we know you have the most knowledge of studying PPE at Warwick and we want to ensure we make the most of this. The NSS is an authoritative survey made to inform prospective student choice and to give universities information to help enhance student learning experiences and ensure high quality programmes of study. This is an important opportunity to give your opinion, in a national forum, on teaching and learning on our programme, and on your overall experience at Warwick. We’ll listen carefully to what you say so that your views can help to shape the future of PPE at Warwick.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

How are the results of the survey used?

As a PPE student here, you're an expert on life as a Warwick undergraduate and that's why we would love to hear your feedback on your satisfaction with your course. PPE, the departments and the University jointly support the National Student Survey and take the results of the survey seriously. Your feedback helps to shape and improve teaching, learning and student support at Warwick for future generations.

The results are intended to help future students decide where to study. They help to ensure that universities are achieving the high standards they set for themselves. All responses are treated as strictly confidential, and no personally identifiable information is available to anyone at the University. The results will be published on the Unistats website in the summer. The more students respond, the more reliable the results will be. This is why we offer incentives like your £5 credit on eating@warwick and the charity donation scheme. These are university-wide schemes, but as a programme PPE chooses the charity we support and the amount we give, we have chosen the maximum of £3.

Your views will be kept strictly confidential by Ipsos-MORI (the external agency responsible for delivering the survey) and the results of the survey are presented in a way that will not identify any individual. A full data protection statement is available on the NSS website.

How has the NSS made a difference?

Past National Student Survey results have fed directly into your PPE experience in a number of important and concrete ways:

  • We are recruiting a Professorial Director of PPE and a Director of Student Experience and Progression to provide even higher quality academic support for our cohorts from September 2017.
  • We have established, budgeted and recruited for a PPE Research Assistant Scheme for 5 paid assistant roles within the 3 departments for PPE students.
  • Improved academic support through series of study skills sessions, resources and guides, and raising awareness of the central skills programme, particularly in Philosophy
  • We have provided access to the Financial Times for all PPE students and created a resource budget for PPE-specific resources.

Find out more about how your feedback and those of last year's NSS respondents has helped improve PPE.