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NSS: PPE Helping our Community

Your feedback is important to your PPE programme and has already lead to significant improvements which has benefitted you and our other current students. The NSS is the only way in which we are able to capture your views on your whole 3 or 4 years of study with us.

Support a charity

PPE will donate £3 (the University specified maximum) to encourage survey participation. This works by us identifying one charitable scheme to which students would like to donate their NSS funds (see below). The total value of money to be donated will depend on the number of students who have responded. In combination with other departments in the Faculty and the University, we hope to raise SIGNIFICANT amounts for charity and we will provide regular updates so you can see how much we are

YOU DECIDE where the Donation Goes

Please vote as to which charity you'd like your departmental funds to be donated to. In line with Warwick’s charitable status, these funds need to be donated to schemes run by the University through charitable donations such as the following:

  • The Opportunity Fund, which provides bursaries to clubs, societies groups and individual students to help fund extra-curricular activities
  • Warwick in Africa, which funds Warwick students to travel to Africa to teach English and maths to young learners in disadvantaged communities
  • Laksh Foundation, Warwick in India, which funds Warwick students to travel to Africa to teach English and maths to young learners in disadvantaged communities
  • The Hardship Fund, which offers emergency support to students facing unexpected additional demands on their budget
  • The Warwick Cancer Research Centre, which funds research at Warwick to help people in the local community live better with cancer

Other charities such as Dementia Research and Miscarriage Research. You can find out more about other giving opportunities on the Fundraising website.

Vote Here by Friday 3rd February:

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This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve our programme.
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What is one plus two?

£5 Eating@Warwick

As well as raising money for charity, if you complete the NSS online within the first 4 weeks (6th Feb – 5th March), you'll receive a £5 top up on your Eating at Warwick account.

Why? This is a University level incentive. Incentives help Warwick ensure the results are representative of all student opinion. Any why not have a treat on us?