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You Said We Did 2015-16

Here just a few of the changes we made and the ways we supported development in 2015/16 due to your feedback…

Including the National Student Survey (NSS), the Warwick Student Survey, module surveys, the SSLC and individual conversations. Please do continue to provide feedback to make your PPE degree and community the best it can be.

You asked for...


Clearer marking criteria in essay modules
  • Gave feedback to departments
  • PAIS and Philosophy produced more detailed departmental marking criteria
  • Philosophy produced a Philosophy guide to essay writing
Timely and helpful feedback
  • Checked to ensure all departments were working within the University’s 20-day turn around on feedback and identified areas for improvement
  • Philosophy and PAIS now offer feedback on honours-level exams
More bridging within Principles in Political Economy
  • Gave feedback to tutors on seminar structure and accessibility for students with first-year only in one subject
  • Are reviewing the modules at the end of 2015-16 using your feedback from module evaluation to inform our changes
More facilities and opportunities to meet as a community
  • Agreed a PPE Budget with a devoted budget for Student Experience
  • Created a PPE Common Room with facilities to meet and information from SSLC, Society and Careers and a coffee machine
  • Will provide a weekly update on rooms available for study in Term 3
  • Are organising a PPE Social for all years on Monday 7th March
Pathway guidance to be clear and career specific
  • Are bringing in the final year experts to support first years with their pathway choices by providing information on their experience
  • Enabling students to swap to a personal tutor in a department that suits their pathway and therefore meets their needs for pastoral support and career development.
Recognition for the support and enthusiasm you give to PPE
  • Recruited 24 paid student ambassadors to support events and build their CV through outreach and admissions events
  • Continued our investment in the PPE Society
Your voice to be heard
  • Worked with the SSLC Chair to create an anonymous feedback form and SSLC drop-in
  • Added your module evaluations to all Economics module pages.
  • Ensured that SSLC reps can attend departmental SSLC or SSLC forums to feedback and gain information on issues that affect the programme