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PPE Speaker Series

The PPE Lectures are given by distinguished guests or staff members on an important subject within the general area of the PPE degree. Lectures, organized by the Warwick PPE Society, and sponsored by the Society and the PPE Departments, are for PPE students and are also open to other members of the university community. Lectures held in 2015/16 have included the following:

Prof Miguel Beistegui - Governing Desire: Foucault and Neoliberalism

Thursday 28th January 2016 5pm A0.23

Miguel Beistegui

The Philosophy department's Miguel Beistegui will be leading our second interactive session, this time on “Governing desire: Foucault and Neoliberalism”. Prof Beistegui will explore how changing methods of governing to account for the desires of individual people could have laid the foundations for the 21st century’s global financial crisis.