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Speaker Series in 2011/12

Diane Coyle - The Economics of Enough: Taking the Future Seriously

Thursday 8th March, 7:00pm, S0.21

Diane Coyle is a writer, economist and advisor to the UK Treasury, member of the Competition Commission, and managing director of Enlightenment Economics, a consultancy that focuses on fundamental long-term strategic issues facing businesses, governments, and individuals. Her new book is The Economics of Enough:How to Run the Economy as If the Future Matters (Princeton, 2011).

Andrew Gamble - Crisis Without End

Tuesday 31st January, 6:30pm, H0.51

Andrew Gamble is an author, academic, and a professor and head of the Politics and International Studies department at the University of Cambridge. His most recent book is Spectre at the Feast (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009).

Now available as a PPE podcast.

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC - Enforcing Human Rights: What Can Lawyers Achieve? and Sophie Farthing - Common Values: The State of Rights and Freedoms in Coalition Britain

Tuesday 6th December, 6:30pm, H0.52

Sir Geoffrey Bindman is a human rights lawyer. He established Bindmans LLP in 1974 with the aim of "protecting the rights and freedoms of ordinary people." He is also chair of the British Institute of Human Rights. Sophie Farthing is a Policy Officer of Liberty.

Theodore Zeldin - The Future of Work

Thursday 24th November, 6:30pm, S0.21

Theodore Zeldin is a philosophy and historian. He is the author of many books, including An Intimate History of Humanity (Vintage 1995) and Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives (HiddenSpring 2000). He is president of the Oxford Muse Foundation.

Oliver James - Why Our Country Is Mad – And How Political Economics Can Make It Saner

Thursday 3rd November, 6:30pm, LIB2

Oliver James is a psychologist, author, and broadcaster. His most recent book is Affluenza (Vermilion, 2007). His website is