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PPE Programme

The disciplines of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics inform each other in many ways. They have been taught together in Britain since the 1920s. The first university to offer this course was Oxford. Today PPE is offered by many excellent universities from the UK, France, and Germany to North America, China, Japan, and Australia. Among them is Warwick.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics may be studied separately but, when you study PPE at Warwick, you do not study them independently. All students have formal and informal opportunities to combine insights from the different disciplines. In contrast to the Oxford PPE, based on a "pillar" model with three independent elements, Warwick follows a "bridge" model that seeks to cross the gaps between them.

To illustrate, the core module of the final year of study, Principles of Political Economy, is taught by members of staff from all three disciplines. It provides a context in which students can integrate their studies in the three disciplines. It focuses on the global political economy. Topics have included global justice, development, globalization and international trade, global governance, and aid and humanitarian interventions.

The three PPE departments

The three Departments of Philosophy, Politics & International Studies, and Economics are each large and successful. Their size and scope allow for a wide range of optional modules, while the core is carefully designed to expose students to each of the relevant disciplines. The three departments are close neighbours in the Social Sciences Building.

What our students say

"I chose Warwick for its unique blend of vibrant global business links and excellent academic standards both set against a backdrop of a diverse community. The PPE course encapsulates that environment perfectly, combining quantitative and qualitative skills and interests."
Daniel Francis, PPE Year 2

"My time studying PPE at Warwick has been filled with incredible experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life. There are too many to name here, but I would single out a few things. I spent my third year abroad at a French university, which not only improved my foreign language skills but gave me an additional qualification to put on my CV. A bursary from the Economics Department allowed me to present my final-year undergraduate research at a national conference; this has been excellent preparation should I decide to go into academia and also a great way to network with other universities! PPE's interdisciplinary structure has allowed me to benefit from teaching expertise across the Social Sciences Faculty and the insights of students not just on my course, but from a wealth of other fields. The community spirit of the campus is fantastic and definitely something I will miss when I graduate: I have made so many friends here and will be sad to leave them behind. Above all, I would recommend Warwick's PPE programme to anyone who wants to learn about three cutting-edge subjects that continue to shape the world around us."
Gah-Kai Leung, BA PPE with Intercalated Year

Picture of students in lecture