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Application Form for Study Abroad (2018/2019)

Applications for study abroad in 2018/2019 are NOW OPEN.

Information on Study Abroad for 2018/2019

All 2nd year students across all single and joint honours programmes (PLUS 3rd year Law/Sociology students) are eligible to apply for one of the study abroad places we have across several universities in Europe and worldwide.

Here you will find a table with the available places for Sociology students for 2018/2019. Some of these agreements are still being finalised, and so the information listed may be subject to change.
Here you will find the slides used this year in the Departmental Study Abroad information session.

To apply for a study abroad place, you will need to fill in the form below. You MUST complete the form by December 6th, 2017.
Within a couple of weeks, we will contact you to let you know if we’re able to offer you a place, and at which University.

Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that you will be offered your 1st choice – this is why we ask you to indicate also a 2nd and 3rd choice.

In allocating places, we will consider:

  • the relation between the number of students applying to study at an institution, and the number of available places at that institution;
  • your personal statement;
  • your existing knowledge of the language; (Please note that language knowledge is a decisive factor in assessing applications to universities that do not provide a wide choice of modules in English – see this table for more information. In those cases, we expect the equivalent of B2 level, or A-level, knowledge of the language, and/or plans to enroll in language learning classes between now and the start of the study abroad period.)
  • your academic performance so far. (A 2:1 average is usually expected. However, we are able to consider students with a lower average on a case by case basis. The form gives you the opportunity to provide further information on your academic performance, including any mitigating circumstances that have affected it thus far.)

If you are a joint honours student, you will have access to different study abroad opportunities through each of your departments, and you will be able to apply for study abroad through both or either of them. Make sure you check the opportunities that are available through each department (you can do so here), and familiarise yourself with each one’s application process (as these vary significantly from department to department).

If you have questions, please check the Study Abroad website or email the Director of International Programmes for Sociology, Dr. Maria do Mar Pereira on m dot d dot m dot pereira at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Application Form for 2018/2019

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Where would you like to go for your period of study abroad? Please refer to the document linked above.

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