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Postgraduate Research 2019/20

Welcome to Sociology

The Graduate School of Sociology at Warwick University welcomes new scholars to its well-established and vigorous PhD programme. Here, you will extend your research skills and your understanding of a wide range of societal and cultural issues. The department will support you as you develop your independent research project. You will gain confidence in carrying out research and you will refine your abilities to work with theories, concepts and methodologies in order to produce new insights into the social world. Postgraduate study will enhance your ability to think about complex problems – and sometimes deceptively obvious and simple ones – and to adopt an analytical and inquisitive stance towards the topic you are studying.

The doctoral programmes that we offer can help advance both your research skills and your employability. Of course, postgraduate study is necessary for entry into an academic career and many of you may be thinking of becoming the next generation of sociology and social science academics. If so, let me extend a warm, early welcome to you. Developing research and analytical skills are not, however, restricted to the academic labour market. Increasingly, decision makers in all sectors of the economy rely on individuals who have been trained in the rigour and focus of the research process.

You will be joining a team of staff at various stages of their academic careers, all of whom are active researchers and teachers, and who are internationally recognised and respected for their academic work. The research culture here is strong, and we encourage you to become a part of it.

Why Sociology at Warwick?

Ranked 57th in the world for sociology, by QS World University rankings 2018, we are internationally renowned for our research and teaching in sociology. We are also rated as one of the top UK departments, as confirmed by our consistently high placing across the range of national leagues tables: we are rated 6th in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2018 and 12th by the Complete University Guide 2019.

Extensive sociological expertise

Research within our department covers a broad span of the discipline and is organised into three main themes as outlined below. We have considerable expertise in areas such as: gender studies, social theory, health and illness, migration and ethnicity, work and employment, political sociology, the sociologies of religion, bioscience, markets, knowledge and media.

Our department is structured into three research themes:

  • Economy, Technology, Expertise
  • Inequalities and Social Change
  • Justice, Authority and the Geopolitical

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