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PhD in Women's and Gender Studies

Programme content

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary area of study which draws on sociology and other social science disciplines, as well as those which are located in the humanities. It encompasses a wide area of interests ranging from investigations into the ways in which society is structured, to explorations of cultural representations and texts. A central concern is to analyse how different bases of inequality and identity, such as race, gender and class, intersect with each other.

The department has particular expertise in:

  • gender and sexualities
  • the body
  • families and households
  • paid and unpaid work
  • gender and migration
  • gender and politics
  • gender and development
  • education
  • gender and violence
  • feminist social movements
  • feminist theory and methods
  • black feminist thought
  • feminist media and cultural studies
  • food policy

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Programme director:

John Solomos

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